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Subject List for China--History--Ming dynasty, 1368-1644

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1587, a year of no significance : the Ming dynasty in decline
Beixing ripu 北行日譜. Yanggong zhengji ji 楊公政績紀. Yanggong benzhuan 楊公本傳
Broadening the horizons of Chinese history : discourses, syntheses, and comparisons. [Fangkuan lishi de shijie 放寬歷史的視界. English]
Chinese government in Ming times : seven studies
The Chinese state in Ming society
Chongzhen changbian 崇禎長編
The Confusions of pleasure : commerce and culture in Ming China
Cultural realism : strategic culture and grand strategy in Chinese history
Culture, courtiers, and competition : the Ming court (1368-1644)
Daliang shouchengji jianzheng 大梁守城記箋證
Dangerous women : warriors, grannies, and geishas of the Ming
Donglindang jikao 東林黨籍考
Dongnan jishi 東南紀事
Dongzheng jixing lu 東征紀行錄. Beiping lu 北平錄. Ping Shu ji 平蜀記
Exorcism and money : the symbolic world of the Five-Fury Spirits in late imperial China
From Ming to Ch'ing : conquest, region, and continuity in seventeenth-century China
The glory and fall of the Ming dynasty
Governmental organization of the Ming Dynasty
The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800
Guankuiji : Ming-Qingshi sanlun 管窺集 : 明清史散論
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