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Subject List for China--Court and courtiers--Qing dynasty, 1644-1911

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Annals & memoirs of the court of Peking (from the 16th to the 20th century)
The Ch'ing Imperial Household Department : a study of its organization and principal functions, 1662-1796
Cixi shida mi'an pojie 慈禧十大謎案破解
Cixi waizhuan, yiyi, yuxiang piaomiao lu 慈禧外傳, 一譯,御香縹緲錄
Court life in China : the capital, its officials and people
The function of western music in the eighteenth-century Chinese court
The Last emperors : a social history of Qing imperial institutions
Memoirs of Father Ripa during thirteen years' residence at the court of Peking in the service of the Emperor of China : with an account of the foundation of the college for the education of young Chinese at Naples
Qinggong douzheng neimu 清宮鬥爭內幕 [清宮斗争内幕]
Qinggong yishi 清宮軼事
Qinggong zhi mi 清宮之謎
A translucent mirror : history and identity in Qing imperial ideology
Wan Qing gongting shenghuo jianwen 晚清宮廷生活見聞
Wan Qing gongting shiji 晚清宮廷實紀
With the cut of a knife : a social history of eunuchs during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and Republican periods (1912-1949)
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