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Subject List for China--History--Qianlong 乾隆, 1736-1795

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China's transition to modernity : the new classical vision of Dai Zhen
Emperor Qianlong : son of heaven, man of the world
Gardens of a Chinese emperor : imperial creations of the Qianlong Era, 1736-1796
Ignorant gaze : George Macartney's negotiation with China in 1793
The immobile empire. [Empire immobile. English]
Kang Yong Qian san di pingyi 康雍乾三帝評議
Kang Yong Qian san di yu Xixue-Dongjian 康雍乾三帝與西學東漸
Monarchs and ministers : the Grand Council in Mid-Ch'ing China, 1723-1820
Nanxun shengdian 南巡盛典
Qianlong zhuan 乾隆傳
Soulstealers : the Chinese sorcery scare of 1768
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