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Subject List for Franciscans--Missions--China--13th-14th centuries

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Bolangjiabin Menggu xingji 柏郎嘉賓蒙古行紀. Lubuluke Dongxingji 魯布魯克東行紀
      [Historia Mongolorum. Itinerarium. Chinese. 1985]

Chushi Menggu ji 出使蒙古記. [The Mongol mission. Chinese]
En demanda del Gran Kan : viajes a Mongolia en el siglo XIII
Frate Odorico del Friuli: Da Pordenone alla Cina per guadagnare anime
The Heavenly Horse is come from West of the West : two paintings illuminating the role of Latin Christians at the Mongol court. [Orientations, Oct. 2014 vol. 45 no. 7]
The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck : his journey to the court of the Great Khan Möngke, 1253-1255. [Itinerarium. English]
The Mongol mission: narratives and letters of the Franciscan missionaries in Mongolia and China in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
Odorico da Pordenone e la Cina : Atti del convegno storico internazionale
Princely gifts and papal treasures : the Franciscan mission to China and its influence on the art of the West, 1250-1350
The travels of Sir John Mandeville : the version of the Cotton Manuscript in modern spelling : with three narratives, in illustration of it, from Hakluyt's Navigations, voyages & discoveries. [Itinerarium. English]
Il vangelo in Oriente : Giovanni da Montecorvino, frate minore e primo vescovo in terra di Cina (1307-1328)
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