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Subject List for East and West

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Beating devils and burning their books : views of China, Japan and the West
Bijiao renlun : Jidujiao renlun yu Zhongguo renxinglun 比較人論 : 基督教人論與中國人性論
China and the West : mankind evolving
China and the West : myths and realities in history
China chic : East meets West
China on paper : European and Chinese works from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth century
Contact and exchange in the ancient world
Cultural flow between China and outside world throughout history. [Zhongwai wenhua yinyuan 中外文化因緣. English]
A curious affair : the fascination between East and West
Dialogues across civilizations : sketches in world history from the Chinese and European experiences
Dong-Xi jiaoliu luntan 東西交流論譚
Dong-Xi jiaoliu luntan. Di'erji 東西交流論譚. 第二集
Dong-Xi jiaoliushi lungao 東西交流史論稿
Dong-Xi wenhua bijiao yanjiu : Li Madou ru Hua ji qita 東西文化比較硏究 : 利瑪竇入華及其他
Eastern and Western cultures : confrontation or conciliation
The emperor's giraffe and other stories of cultures in contact
First globalization : the Eurasian exchange, 1500 to 1800
Gantong shenshou : Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu beijing xia de ganguan yu ganjue 感同身受 : 中西文化交流背景下的感官與感覺
The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800
The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800
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