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Subject List for East and West

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The great encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800
Great walls of discourse and other adventures in cultural China
The Jesuits (1594-1994), Macao and China : East meets West. [RC-Review of Culture special ed.]
Jingguan yu mozuo 靜觀與默坐. [Chemins de la contemplation : éléments de vie spirituelle. Chinese]
A journey to the East : Li Gui's a new account of a trip around the globe. [Huanyou diqiu xinlu 環遊地球新錄. English]
Letters from a Chinese Official : Being an Eastern View of Western Civilization
Macau : a cultural Janus
Macau, the imaginary city : culture and society, 1557 to the present
The marriage of East and West : a sequel to The golden string
Mighty opposites : from dichotomies to differences in the comparative study of China
Ouzhou yu Zhongguo 歐洲與中國. [Europe & China. Chinese]
Roads to Xanadu : East and West in the making of the modern world
Shishiben wu'ai 事事本無礙. [No boundary. Chinese]
Spies and scholars : Chinese secrets and Imperial Russia's quest for world power
Tangible whispers, neglected encounters : histories of East-West artistic dialogues, 14th-20th century
Zhongguo wenhua zhi jingshen jiazhi 中國文化之精神價值
Zhongwai jiaotong yu jiaoliushi yanjiu 中外交通與交流史研究
Zhong-Xi jiaotong shiliao huipian 中西交通史料滙篇
Zhong-Xi jiaotongshi 中西交通史
Zhong-Xi jiaotongshi 中西交通史
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