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Subject List for Christianity--China

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Ame chinoise et christianisme
China and Christianity : burdened past, hopeful future
China and the churches
China as a challenge to the church
China's new day : a study of events that have led to its coming
Chinese spirituality & Christian communities : a kenotic perspective
Le Christ chinois : héritages et espérance
Christianity in China : the work of Yang Huilin
Christianity in China [Zhongguo Jidujiao 中國基督教. English]
The church in Communist China ; a Protestant appraisal
Confucianism and Christianity : the first encounter
Fallbeispiel China : Ökumenische Beiträge zu Religion, Theologie, und Kirche im chinesischen Kontext
How inscrutable his ways! : memoirs
How inscrutable his ways! : memoirs 1951-1981
The international aspect of the missionary movement in China
Jidu yu Zhongguo shehui 基督與中國社會 : 第二屆國際年青學者研討會論文集
Jidu zongjiao lun 基督宗教論
Jidu zongjiao yanjiu : Di 1 ji 基督宗教研究 : 第一輯. Study of Christianity
Jidujiao wenhua mianmianguan 基督教文化面面觀
Jidujiao yu Zhongguo wenhua 基督教與中國文化
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