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Subject List for Zuo Zongtang 左宗棠, 1812-1885

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The late Ch'ing reconquest of Sinkiang : a reappraisal of Tso Tsung-t'ang's role
Sud'ba Sin'tsziana : obretenie Kitaem Novoĭ granitsy v kontse XIX v. [The Destiny of Xinjiang: China Obtains the New Frontier in the End of the 19th Century. Russian]
Zeng Guofan pingluan yaozhi 曾國藩平亂要旨. [Hu Zeng Zuo pingluan yaozhi 胡曾左平亂要旨]
Zuo Wenxiang Gong zai Xibei 左文襄公在西北
Zuo Zongtang pingzhuan 左宗棠評傳
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