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Subject List for Ricci, Matteo 利瑪竇, 1552-1610--Views on Confucianism

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Adapting Catholicism to Confucianism : Matteo Ricci's Tianzhu Shiyi
China Mission Studies (1550-1800) Bulletin VII (1985)
Confronting Confucian understandings of the Christian doctrine of salvation : a systematic theological analysis of the basic problems in the Confucian-Christian dialogue
Cultural accommodation or intellectual colonization? : a reinterpretation of the Jesuit approach to Confucianism during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries
The employment of Chinese classical thought in Matteo Ricci's theological contextualization in sixteenth century China
Manufacturing Confucianism : Chinese traditions & universal civilization
Ricci, the Chinese, and the Toolkits of Textualists. [Ricci and the Chinese]
La strategia missionaria della Compagnia de Gesù in estremo orient nel sec. XVII
The unfolding of Neo-Confucianism
Xitai 西泰 o la Eminencia del Oeste y su encrucijada al inventar a Deus en la mente de Kongzi 孔子 a 2000 años de su muerte
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