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Subject List for China--Civilization

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Chinese creeds & customs
Chinese creeds & customs
The Chinese experience
Chinese language, thought, and culture : Nivison and his critics
The Chinese mind : essentials of Chinese philosophy and culture
Chinese roundabout : essays in history and culture
Chinese social history : translations of selected studies. [中國社會史]
Chinese thought, society, and science : the intellectual and social background of science and technology in pre-modern China
Les Chinois : esprit et comportement des Chinois comme ils se révèlent par leurs livres et dans la vie, des origines à la fin de la dynastie Ming, 1644
Chuantong, kexue, fendou 傳統, 科學, 奮鬥
Chūgoku bunmeishi monogatari 中国文明史物語
La Cina : tremila anni di civiltà. [Die Chinesen. Italian]
A concise history of China
Confucian personalities
Confucianism and Chinese civilization
Confucianism in action
Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese culture
Considérations générales sur l'ensemble de la civilisation chinoise : et sur les relations de l'Occident avec la Chine
Cultural flow between China and outside world throughout history. [Zhongwai wenhua yinyuan 中外文化因緣. English]
Dialogues across civilizations : sketches in world history from the Chinese and European experiences
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