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Subject List for Manchuria 滿洲--History--1931-1945

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Answering questions on Manchuria, 1936
The China incident and Manchoukuo
Manchoukuo : Handbook of information
Manchoukuo and the Manchurian question
Manchuria since 1931
Manshūkoku gensei 満洲国現勢 : 1939
Manzhouguo jishi 滿洲國紀實 = Notes on the so-called Manchukou
North China in transition
Wei Man gongting zayi 偽満宮廷雜憶
Wei Manzhouguo shi 偽滿洲國史
Zheng zongli dachen wangdao jiangyan ji 鄭總理大臣王道講演集
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