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Subject List for Jesuits--Missions--China--History--17th century

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Curious land : Jesuit accommodation and the origins of sinology
Curious land : Jesuit accommodation and the origins of Sinology
Il gesuita che disegnò la Cina : la vita e le opere di Martino Martini
Global entanglements of a man who never traveled : a seventeenth-century Chinese Christian and his conflicted worlds
In the light and shadow of an emperor : Tomás Pereira, SJ (1645-1708), the Kangxi emperor and the Jesuit mission in China
Joseph de Prémare, 1666-1736, S.J. : Chinese philology and figurism
Making the new world their own : Chinese encounters with Jesuit science in the age of discovery
Mingmo-Qingchu Xifang chuanjiaoshi yu Zhongguo junshi 明末清初西方傳敎士與中國軍事
Qiyi de guodu : Yesuhuishi yingzhengce ji Hanxue de qiyuan 奇異的國度 : 耶穌會適應政策及漢學的起源. [Curious land. Chinese]
A question of rites : Friar Domingo Navarrete and the Jesuits in China
Relação da grande monarquia da China. [Imperio de la China. Portuguese]
Relatione della Cina. Historica relatione del gran regno della Cina
      [Relação da propagação da fe no reyno da China e outros adjacentes. Italian]

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