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Subject List for Missionaries--China--Biography

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Qingchu Yesuhuishi Lu Riman : Changshu zhangben ji lingxiu biji yanjiu 清初耶穌會​​士魯日滿 : 常熟帳本及靈修筆記研究 = François de Rougemont, S.J., Missionary in Ch'ang-shu (Chiang-nan) : a study of the account book (1674-1676) and the Elogium
Qinli wan Qing sishiwunian : Litimotai zai Hua huiyi lu 親歷晚清四十五年 : 李提摩太在華回憶錄. [Forty-five years in China. Chinese]
Sister Mary Assunta : the seraphic flower of the Franciscan missionaries of Mary
Spiritual Sinology : imaginary letters from the Middle Ages to today : 50 missionaries who loved China. [Sinologia spirituale. English]
Timothy Richard of China : seer, statesman, missionary & the most disinterested adviser the Chinese ever had
The Victorian translation of China : James Legge's Oriental pilgrimage
Vie du Père Lebbe
Vie du Père Lebbe : le tonnerre qui chante au loin
Wei Lianchen (1829-1890) zai Hua de chuanjiao shiye 韋廉臣 (1829-1890) 在華的傳敎事業. [A study of Alexander Williamson's (1829-1890) missionary activities in late Qing China]
Within the four seas : the memoirs of B.A. Garside
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