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Subject List for China--History--Boxer Rebellion, 1899-1901

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Admiral Seymour's expedition & Taku forts, 1900
The Boxer Rebellion : a political and diplomatic review
The Boxer Rebellion : the dramatic story of China's war on foreigners that shook the world in the summer of 1900. [Besieged in Peking]
The Boxer Rebellion. [Rivolta dei Boxer Pechino 1900. English]
The Boxer Rebellion. [The Fists of Righteous Harmony]
China : travels and investigations in the Middle Kingdom : a study of its civilization and possibilities...
China and the Occident : the origin and development of the Boxer movement
China in decay : the story of a disappearing empire
Cultures in collision : the Boxer Rebellion
Documents sur les martyrs de Pékin pendant la persécution des Boxeurs
Gengzi guobianji 庚子國變記. Quanbian yuwen 拳變餘聞. Xixun huiluan shimoji 西巡回鑾始末記
Gengzi shibian wenxueji 庚子事變文學集
Gengzi xishou congtan 庚子西狩叢談
Gengzi xishou congtan 庚子西狩叢談. Chongling chuanxinlu 崇陵傳信錄
Georg M. Stenz, SVD (1869-1928) : Chinamissionar im Kaiserreich und in der Republik
      Der Missionspolitische Kontext in Süd-Shantung am Vorabend des Boxeraufstands in China

Heaven in conflict : Franciscans and the Boxer uprising in Shanxi
Huabei de baoli he konghuang : Yihetuan yundong qianxi Jidujiao chuanbo he shehui chongtu 華北的暴力和恐慌 : 義和團運動前夕基督教傳播和社會衝突 = Violence and fear in North China
Jindai Zhongguo fan yangjiao yundong 近代中國反洋教運動
The origins of the Boxer Uprising
The origins of the Boxer war : a multinational study
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