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Subject List for Maps, Early

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Great maps : the world's masterpieces explored and explained
Ignacio Moreira of Lisbon : cartographer in Japan 1590-1592. [Imago mundi]
      Japonicae tabulae explicatio

Jiaqing chongxiu yitongzhi 嘉慶重修一統志. [Da Qing yitongzhi 大清一統志]
Landmarks of mapmaking : an illustrated survey of maps and mapmakers
Map : exploring the world
Yet chido sok ŭi hanŭl kwa ttang : Sungsil Taehakkyo Han'guk Kidokkyo Pangmulgwan sojang 옛 지도속의 하늘과 땅 : 숭실 대학교 한국 기독교 박물관 소장 = Old maps of the Korean Christian Museum at Soongsil University
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