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Subject List for Machinery--Early works to 1800

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Chuanbo yu huitong : Qiqi tushuo yanjiu yu jiaozhu 傳播與會通 : 奇器圖說研究與校注. Zhuqi tushuo 諸器圖說
Picturing machines 1400-1700
Picturing technology in China : from earliest times to the nineteenth century
Qiqi tushuo 奇器圖說. Yuanxi qiqi tushuo luzui 遠西奇器圖說錄最. [JapSin II, 53.1. BSB: 4 L.sin. N 10]
Yuanxi qiqi tushuo 遠西奇器圖說. Xinzhi zhuqi tushuo 新製諸器圖說
Zhuqi tushuo 諸器圖說. [Xinzhi Zhuqi tushuo 新製諸器圖說. Jap-Sin II, 53.2]
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