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Subject List for Women missionaries--China

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Across China's Gobi : the lives of Evangeline French, Mildred Cable, and Francesca French of the China Inland Mission
The China story : Franciscan ministry, 1931-1949
Evangelism and feminism in China's Northwest : the double identities of Mildred Cable, Evangeline French and Francesca French
From cultural capital to national stigma : the anti-footbinding movements in China and Taiwan
Funü yu chaichuan : 19 shiji Meiguo Shenggonghui nüchuanjiaoshi zai Hua chaichuan yanjiu 婦女與差傳 : 19世紀美國聖公會女傳教士在華差傳研究
Gender, culture, and Christianity : American Protestant mission schools in China, 1880-1930
The gospel of gentility : American women missionaries in turn-of-the-century China
Missionary work of single German women in China from 1886-1914 : a comparison between missiological theory and praxis on the mission field
Qingmo-Minchu waiguo wenxue fanyi zhong de nüyizhe yanjiu 清末民初外國文學翻譯中的女譯者研究. A study of women translators and their literary translation during the late Qing and Republican China
Die Rolle von Ordensschwestern in den Missionsgebieten der Steyler Missionare SVD in China
Stranger bodies : women, gender, and missionary medicine in China, 1870s-1930s
Yige nüchuanjiaoshi yu Zhongguo de liangge shidai : jiedu Baihuate yisheng Zai Zhongguo de shenghuo 一個女傳教士與中國的兩個時代 : 解讀白華特醫生在中國的生活
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