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Subject List for Chinese literature--Translations into English

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An anthology of Chinese discourse on translation. Volume One. From the earliest times to the Buddhist project
Anthology of Chinese literature
An anthology of Chinese literature : beginnings to 1911
The Chinese classics : with a translation, critical and exegetical notes, prolegomena, and copious indexes
Classical Chinese literature : an anthology of translations
Confucius and the Chinese classics : or, Readings in Chinese literature. [Sishu 四書. Selections. English. 1882]
Contemporary Chinese Stories
The Execution of Mayor Yin, and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
Fusheng liuji 浮生六記. Six Chapters of a Floating Life
Gems from Chinese literature : rendered into English. Ying-Han duizhao guwen xiaopin 英漢對照古文小品
Li, Duke of Ch'ien and the poor scholar who met a chivalrous man : a Chinese novel. [Jingu qiguan 今古奇觀. Li Qiangong qiongdi yu xiake 李汧公窮邸遇俠客. English & Chinese]
Monkey. [Xiyouji 西遊記. English. Selections]
The reminscences of Tung Hsiao-wan. [Yuyi'an meiying 語憶庵梅影. English]
Strange stories from a Chinese studio. [Liaozhai zhiyi 聊齋誌異. English]
Water Margin. [Shuihuzhuan 水滸傳. English]
The Wisdom of China and India
Youbuweizhai guwen xiaopin 有不為齋古文小品. Gems from Chinese literature
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