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Subject List for Sinologists--Biography

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Antonio Montucci (1762-1829), Lektor der italienischen Sprache, Jurist und gelehrter Sinologe ; Joseph Hager (1757-1819), Orientialist und Chinakundiger : zwei Biobibliographien
James Legge: a pioneer at crossroads of East and West
Jiashe Dong-Xifang de qiaoliang : Yingguo Hanxuejia Li Yage yanjiu 架設東西方的橋梁 : 英國漢學家理雅各研究
Joseph de Prémare, 1666-1736, S.J. : Chinese philology and figurism
Orientalism and missionary sinology : a study of W.A.P. Martin
The Victorian translation of China : James Legge's Oriental pilgrimage
Xifang Hanxuejia yilan 西方漢學家一覽
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