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Subject List for Catholic Church--Missions--China--History

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Les 120 martyrs de Chine : canonisés le 1er Octobre 2000
Die Anfänge der neueren Dominikanermission in China
The Chinese rites controversy : from its beginning to modern times
Congregazioni mariane della antica missione cinese
Fang Hao liushi ziding gao 方豪六十自定稿. [Collected works of Maurus Fang Hao]
The foundation of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894
Jesuit and Friar in the Spanish expansion to the East
Jidujiao yu Beijing jiaotang wenhua 基督教與北京教堂文化
Jindai Tianzhujiao zai Hua chuanbo shi lunji 近代天主教在華傳播史論集
The Liberating gospel in China : the Christian faith among China's minority peoples
A lifelong dedication to the China mission : essays presented in honor of Father Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM....
Light a candle : encounters and friendship with China : Festschrift in honour of Angelo S. Lazzarotto P.I.M.E.
La mission du Kiang-nan : son histoire, ses oeuvres
Les missionaires de Chine répondent a M. Levaux
Missionary approaches and linguistics in mainland China and Taiwan
Le missioni Cattoliche in Asia viste da un diplomatico Indiano : risposta al dott. Kawalam Madhava Panikkar
Les missions Catholiques en Chine : résumé d'histoire de l'Eglise Catholique en Chine...
Qianshihui zai Hua chuanjiaoshi 遣使會在華傳教史
      [Histoire de la Congrégation de la Mission en Chine (1699-1950). Chinese]

Rodrigues the interpreter : an early Jesuit in Japan and China
Rodrigues the interpreter : an early Jesuit in Japan and China
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