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Subject List for Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Contributions in astronomy

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China on paper : European and Chinese works from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth century
The double stellar hemisphere of Johann Schall von Bell S.J. (Peking 1634)
      Chidao nanbei liang zongxing tu 赤道南北兩總星圖. English & Chinese

Ferdinand Verbiest and Jesuit science in 17th century China : an annotated edition and translation of the Constantinople manuscript (1676). [Xinzhi yixiang tu 新製儀象圖]
Frammenti di due antiche carte cinese presso l'Osservatorio astronomico di Bologna
French Jesuits and the mission to China : science, religion, history
Galileo in Cina : relazioni attraverso il Collegio romano tra Galileo e i gesuiti scienziati missionari in Cina, 1610-1640
Goutong Zhong-Xi tianwenxue de Tang Ruowang 溝通中西天文學的湯若望
Gujin jiaoshi kao 古今交食考. [Jap-Sin II, 41.3]
Heavenly clockwork : the great astronomical clocks of medieval China. [Xinyi xiangfayao 新儀象法要. Selections. English]
Hengxing jingwei biao 恆星經緯表 [Jap-Sin II, 38.4]
Hengxing li 恆星曆. [Hengxing lizhi 恆星曆指]
Hengxing lizhi 恆星曆指. [Jap-Sin II, 38.3]
Huangdao zong xingtu 黃道總星圖. [Huangdao zongxing tu]
Imposturae CCXVIII. in dissertatione R.P. Benedicti Cetto, clerici regularis e scholis piis de sinensium imposturis detectae et convulsae ... [Epistolae anecdotae]
Jiaoshi lizhi 交食曆指. [Jap-Sin II, 41.4]
Kangxi yongnian lifa 康熙永年曆法. [ZKW 086R]
Liu Songling : jiu Yesuhui zai Jing zuihou yiwei weida de tianwenxuejia 劉松齡 : 舊耶穌會在京最後一位偉大的天文學家 = Hallerstein, the last great Jesuit astronomer at Beijing. [Hallerstein, kitajski astronom iz Mengša. Chinese]
Louis XIV’s ambassadors to China
Der Mandarin des Himmels : Zeit und Leben des Chinamissionars Ignaz Kögler SJ (1680-1746)
The Mathematics of the Chinese calendar
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