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Subject List for Chinese language--Middle Chinese, 1200-1919

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Analytic dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese
Chinese collaborators and the making of the Xi Ru Er Mu Zi (1626)
Comparison and comprehension : Nicolas Trigault (1577-1628) SJ. and the story of the Xi Ru Er Mu Zi (1626) in late Ming empire
Gujin yunlüe 古今韻略
The language of the Sangleys : a Chinese vernacular in missionary sources of the seventeenth century. [Arte de la lengua chio chiu]
Qiziming 奇字名
Wên-chien tzŭ-erh chi 文件自邇集. Documentary Chinese
Yinxue wushu 音學五書
Zhongguo yuyinshi 中國語音史
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