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Subject List for Missions--China--History--19th century

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Authentic Chinese Christianity : preludes to its development (nineteenth and twentieth centuries)
Borrowed gods and foreign bodies : Christian missionaries imagine Chinese religion
China and Christianity : the missionary movement and the growth of Chinese antiforeignism, 1860-1870
Handbook of Christianity in China. Vol. 2, 1800-present
Histoire des missions de Chine : mission du Kouang-tong
In God's Hands: the life of Blessed Alberic Crescitelli of the Missionaries of Saints Peter and Paul, P.I.M.E
In the Far East : letters from Geraldine Guinness in China
Liyi yu ronghui : Zhongguo Jidutu yu bense jiaohui de xingqi 離異與融會 : 中國基督徒與本色教會的興起
Malixun : zai Hua chuanjiaoshi de xianqu 馬禮遜 : 在華傳教士的先驅. [Robert Morrison. Chinese]
Malixun yu Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu 馬禮遜與中西文化交流
Missionaries, Chinese, and diplomats : the American Protestant missionary movement in China, 1890-1952
Missionary work of single German women in China from 1886-1914 : a comparison between missiological theory and praxis on the mission field
Nathan Sites : an epic of the East
Shiliao yu shijie : Zhongwen wenxian yu Zhongguo Jidujiao shi yanjiu 史料與視界 : 中國文獻與中國基督教史研究
Taiping theology : the localization of Christianity in China, 1843-64
La troisième mort des missions de Chine, 1773-1838
Waiting for China : the Anglo-Chinese College at Malacca, 1818-1843, and early nineteenth-century missions
Zhongguo guanshen fanjiao de yuanyin 中國官紳反教的原因 (1860-1874)
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