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Subject List for Taiwan 臺灣--Description and travel

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141 questions and answers about the Republic of China, 1974-75
Baodao Taiwan 寶島臺灣
Cailiu riji 採硫日記
Formosa geográfica e históricamente considerada
Free China on Taiwan : 1972
From far Formosa : the island, its people and missions
An historical and geographical description of Formosa....
Taihai shichalu 臺海使槎錄
Taiwan : Dongfang wenhua zhi chuchuang 臺灣 : 東方文化之橱窗 = Taiwan, showcase of oriental culture
Taiwan- ilha Formosa : a geography in perspective
Taiwan kankō annai 台湾観光案内
Taiwan suibi 臺灣隨筆. Taihai shichalu 臺海使槎錄
Taiwan zaji 臺灣雜記. Taiwan jilüe 臺灣紀略
Taiwan 臺灣
Taiyou riji 臺游日記
Wei Taiwan shuohua 為台灣說話
Yayan 雅言
Youzong chuchu 遊踪處處
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