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Subject List for Confucianism

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Confucius : the secular as sacred
Confucius and the Chinese classics : or, Readings in Chinese literature. [Sishu 四書. Selections. English. 1882]
Fuchuzhai wenji 復初齋文集
Humanity and self-cultivation : essays in Confucian thought
Jinsilu 近思錄
Jinsilu 近思錄
Kongzi jiayu 孔子家語. [Jap-Sin I, 2]
Lunyu shiyi 論語釋義
The righteous and the sage : a comparative study on the ideal images of man in biblical Israel and classical China
Shengmen zhi 聖門志
Textes philosophiques: Confuciisme. Taoïsme. Buddhisme
The trouble with Confucianism
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