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Subject List for China--Church history--Congresses

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About books, maps, songs and steles : the wording and teaching of the Christian faith in China
Chiesa e stato in Cina : dalle imprese di Costantini alle svolte attuali
The Chinese rites controversy : its history and meaning
Christianity in China : foundations for dialogue
East meets West : the Jesuits in China, 1582-1773
Encounters and dialogues : changing perspectives on Chinese-Western exchanges from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
International Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (1996 : Hong Kong) [papers]
Jidu zongjiao yu jindai Zhongguo 基督宗教與近代中國. Multi-aspect studies on Christianity in modern China
Western learning and Christianity in China : the contribution and impact of Johann Adam Schall von Bell, 1592-1666
Xiangyu yu duihua : Mingmo Qingchu Zhong-Xi wenhua jiaoliu guoji xueshu yantaohui wenji
      相遇與對話 : 明末清初中西文化交流國際學術研討會文集

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