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Subject List for Christianity and other religions--Chinese

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Borrowed gods and foreign bodies : Christian missionaries imagine Chinese religion
La Catechetica missionaria
China and the Christian impact : a conflict of cultures. [Chine et christianisme. English]
Chine et christianisme : la première confrontation
Chinese altars to the Unknown God : an account of the religions of China and the reactions to them of Christian missions
Chinese essays on religion and faith
Chinese spirituality & Christian communities : a kenotic perspective
Christentum im Reich der Mitte : Aktuelle Thesen und Texte aus China
Christianity and Chinese religions. [Christentum und chinesische Religion. English]
Duihua : Ru Shi Dao yu Jidujiao 對話 : 儒釋道與基督教
Duihua’er : Ru Shi Dao yu Jidujiao 對話二 : 儒釋道與基督教
The Fascinating God : a challenge to modern Chinese theology presented by a text on the name of God written by a 17th century Chinese student of theology. [Di Tian kao 帝天考. English]
Interview with Dr. Eugenio Menegon, Boston University
Jindai Zhongguo zhishifenzi fan Jidujiao wenti lunwenji 近代中國知識分子反基督教問題論文集
Jingguan yu mozuo 靜觀與默坐. [Chemins de la contemplation : éléments de vie spirituelle. Chinese]
Jingzu 敬祖 - 基督宗教禮節與華人傳統風俗習慣的融合
Keqin de Tianzhu : Qingchu Jidutu lun Di tan Tian 可親的天主 : 清初基督徒論帝談天. [The Fascinating God. Chinese]
Light a candle : encounters and friendship with China : Festschrift in honour of Angelo S. Lazzarotto P.I.M.E.
Meaning and controversy within Chinese ancestor religion
Metaphysical philosophy of life
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