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Subject List for China--Religion

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Ame chinoise et christianisme
China and the churches
China as a challenge to the church
La Chine sans muraille : héritage culturel et modernité
Chinese altars to the Unknown God : an account of the religions of China and the reactions to them of Christian missions
Chinese essays on religion and faith
The Chinese gods of wealth : a lecture delivered at the School of Oriental Studies, University of London, on 26th March, 1926
A Chinese mirror: being reflections of the reality behind appearance
Chinese mythology
Chinese religion : an introduction
Christianity and Chinese religions. [Christentum und chinesische Religion. English]
Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese culture
Discourse on the natural theology of the Chinese
      [Lettre sur la philosophie chinoise à Nicolas de Remond. English]

Duihua : Ru Shi Dao yu Jidujiao 對話 : 儒釋道與基督教
The employment of Chinese classical thought in Matteo Ricci's theological contextualization in sixteenth century China
Fallbeispiel China : Ökumenische Beiträge zu Religion, Theologie, und Kirche im chinesischen Kontext
Freedom of religion in China
God and Caesar in China : policy implications of church-state tensions
L' Idee de Dieu dans les huit premiers classiques chinois : ses noms, son existence et sa nature etudiée a la lumière des découvertes archeologiques
Jingguan yu mozuo 靜觀與默坐. [Chemins de la contemplation : éléments de vie spirituelle. Chinese]
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