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Subject List for China--Church history

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Ancestors, virgins & friars : Christianity as a local religion in late Imperial China
Blessings of the Divine Bounty of September 8th
The Catholic Church in China
Catholic Church in China [Zhongguo Tianzhujiao 中國天主敎. English]
China and Christianity : burdened past, hopeful future
China and the cross : a survey of missionary history
China's book of martyrs
China's saints : Catholic martyrdom during the Qing (1644-1911)
Chine et christianisme : la première confrontation
The Chinese rites controversy : from its beginning to modern times
Le Christ chinois : héritages et espérance
Christ the eternal Tao. [Daodejing 道德經. English]
Christentum im Reich der Mitte : Aktuelle Thesen und Texte aus China
Le Christianisme en Chine : approches et stratégies
Christianity in China [Zhongguo Jidujiao 中國基督教. English]
Christians in China : A.D. 600 to 2000. [Histoire des chrétiens de Chine. English]
Church and state in Republican China : a survey history of the relations between the Christian churches and the Chinese government, 1911-1945
The cross and the lotus
Departed, yet present : Zhalan, the oldest Christian cemetery in Beijing
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