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Subject List for Jesuits--Biography

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Athanasius Kircher : a Renaissance man and the quest for lost knowledge
Catalogus defunctorum in renata Societate Iesu (II), 1970-1985
Furanshisuko Zabieru : Tōhō fukyō ni mi o sasageta senkyōshi フランシスコ = ザビエル : 東方布教に身をささげた宣教師
Jesuit geometers : a study of fifty-six prominent Jesuit geometers during the first two centuries of Jesuit history
Jésuites : une multibiographie
Jesuits : a multibiography. [Jésuites. English]
The miraculous life of Father Houle : based on a true story
Philippe Couplet, S.J. (1623-1693) : the man who brought China to Europe
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