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Subject List for Mythology, Chinese

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Ancient tales and folklore of China. [Myths & legends of China]
La bannière pour une dame chinoise allant en Paradis
Bowuzhi quanyi 博物志全譯
Bowuzhi 博物志
A Chinese bestiary : strange creatures from the guideways through mountains and seas. [Shanhaijing 山海經. English]
Chinese mythology
Jinwen chunqiu 晉文春秋. Chushi taowu 楚史檮杌. Yuanzhongji 元中記. Yuanzhongji buyi 元中記補逸
Le livre des esprits et des immortels : essai de mythologie chinoise d'après les textes originaux [ 神仙書 Shēn-siēn-shū ]
Myths & legends of China
The origin of Chinese deities. [Zhushen youlai 諸神由來. English]
Shanhaijing 山海經
Shanhaijing jianshu 山海經箋疏. Shanhaijing tuzan 山海經圖讚. Shanhaijing ding'e 山海經訂譌
Shanhaijing jiaoyi 山海經校譯
Shanhaijing jiaozhu 山海經校注
Shanhaijing jijie 山海經集解. [Shanhaijing 山海經]
Shanhaijing quanyi 山海經全譯
Shanhaijing tushuo 山海經圖說. [Shanhaijing 山海經]
Shanhaijing 山海經
Shanhaijing 山海經. Mutianzi zhuan 穆天子傳
Shenhualun 神話論
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