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Subject List for Chinese poetry--Translations into English

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The Book of Songs. [Shijing 詩經. English]
Chinese poems
A collection of Chinese lyrics
A further collection of Chinese lyrics, and other poems
Gujin shici xuanyi 古今詩詞選譯 = Enjoy Chinese ancient and modern poetry
Li Po and Tu Fu
Li sao : and other poems of Chu Yuan
Modern Verse from Taiwan
One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems
The prose-poetry of Su Tung-p'o : being translations into English of the Fu
Shici zexuan 詩詞譯選 = Poems from China
Shijing Chuci Gushi Tangshi xuan 詩經楚辭古詩唐詩選 = Anthology of Chinese poetry from the Chou to Tang dynasties
Sunflower splendor : three thousand years of Chinese poetry
Translations from the Chinese
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