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Subject List for Christianity--China--History--19th-20th centuries

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Bianyuan de lishi : Jidujiao yu jindai Zhongguo 邊緣的歷史 : 基督教與近代中國
Boxers to bandits : the extraordinary story of Jimmy and Sophie Graham, pioneer missionaries in China 1889-1910. [Conversion stories from China]
Footsteps in deserted valleys : missionary cases, strategies and practice in Qing China
Handbook of Christianity in China. Vol. 2, 1800-present
Historiography of the Chinese Catholic Church : nineteenth and twentieth centuries
Liyi yu ronghui : Zhongguo Jidutu yu bense jiaohui de xingqi 離異與融會 : 中國基督徒與本色教會的興起
Ma Xiangbo and the mind of modern China, 1840-1939
The religious question in modern China
Shiliao yu shijie : Zhongwen wenxian yu Zhongguo Jidujiao shi yanjiu 史料與視界 : 中國文獻與中國基督教史研究
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