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Subject List for Schall von Bell, Johann Adam 湯若望, 1592-1666--Contributions in astronomy

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Frammenti di due antiche carte cinese presso l'Osservatorio astronomico di Bologna
Hengxing jingwei biao 恆星經緯表 [Jap-Sin II, 38.4]
Hengxing li 恆星曆. [Hengxing lizhi 恆星曆指]
Hengxing lizhi 恆星曆指. [Jap-Sin II, 38.3]
Jiaoshi biao 交食表 [Jap-Sin II, 40.1]
Mingmo Qingchu zhishi fenzi, Yesuhuishi yu Chongzhen lishu de bianzuan 明末清初知識分子, 耶穌會士與崇禎曆書的編纂
      The contributions of intellectuals and Jesuit missionaries of the Late Ming and early Qing period to the compilation of the Chongzhen Lishu (Calendar Compendium of the Chongzhen Reign)

Yuanjing shuo 遠鏡說. [mss]
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