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Subject List for Jesuits--China--History--16th-17th centuries

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Cong Li Madou dao Tang Ruowang : wan Ming de Yesuhui chuanjiaoshi 從利瑪竇到湯若望 : 晚明的耶穌會傳教士. [Generation of giants. Chinese]
Generation of giants : the story of the Jesuits in China in the last decades of the Ming dynasty
Impressions de Chine : l'Europe et l'englobement du monde (XVIe-XVIIe siècle)
Li Madou yu Xu Guangqi 利瑪竇與徐光啟
Li Zhizao yanjiu 李之藻研究
Il mappamondo con la Cina al centro : fonti antiche e mediazione culturale nell’opera di Matteo Ricci S.J.
Shiliu, shiqi shiji zai Hua Yesuhuishi zhi zhengzhi celüe jiqi suo chuanbo zhi zongjiao wenhua 十六,十七世紀在華耶穌會士之政治策略及其所傳播之宗教文化
      A critical study of the policies formulated and the religious culture disseminated by the Jesuits in China during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Sojourners in a strange land : Jesuits and their scientific missions in late imperial China
Undoing the binaries, rethinking encounter : translation works of seventeenth-century Jesuit missionaries in China
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