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Subject List for Folklore--China

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Ancient tales and folklore of China. [Myths & legends of China]
Bowuzhi quanyi 博物志全譯
Bowuzhi 博物志
A Chinese bestiary : strange creatures from the guideways through mountains and seas. [Shanhaijing 山海經. English]
Chinese folk tales
Huasha : xiangdu, minsu, guishen 花煞 : 鄉土, 民俗, 鬼神
Manuel des superstitions chinoises, ou, Petit indicateur des superstitions les plus communes en Chine
Minsuxue luncong 民俗學論叢
Minsuxue 民俗學
Myths & legends of China
Sanshiliuji de gushi 三十六計的故事. [36 計的故事]
Shanhaijing 山海經. Mutianzi zhuan 穆天子傳
Zhongguo gudai geyao sanlun 中國古代歌謠散論
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