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Subject List for China--Foreign relations--Russia--17th-18th centuries

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O diário do Padre Tomás Pereira, S.J. : os jesuítas e o Tratado Sino-Russo de Nerchinsk (1689). [The Jesuits and the Sino-Russian Treaty of Nerchinsk (1689) : the diary of Thomas Pereira, S.J. Portuguese]
Fengshi Eluosi riji 奉使俄羅斯日記. Yu Eluosiguo dingjie zhi bei 與俄羅斯國定界之碑. Nibuchu cheng kao 尼布楚城考. Eluosi zuolingkao 俄羅斯佐領考. Eluosi jincheng shuji mulu 俄羅斯進呈書籍目錄. Yili dingyue Zhong-E tanhualu 伊犂定約中俄談話錄
Histoire des relations de la Russie avec la Chine sous Pierre le Grand (1689-1730)
Imperial rivals : China, Russia, and their disputed frontier
The Jesuits and the Sino-Russian Treaty of Nerchinsk (1689) : the Diary of Thomas Pereira
The partition of the steppe : the struggle of the Russians, Manchus, and the Zunghar Mongols for empire in Central Asia, 1619-1758 : a study in power politics
Russia's special position in China during the early Ch'ing period
Sino-Russian relations in the 17th century
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