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Subject List for Jews--China--History

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Chenfeng wangshi 塵封往事 [尘封往事] = Dust-laden past
Chinese Jews : a compilation of matters relating to the Jews of K'ai-fêng Fu
The Chinese Jews of Kaifeng : a millennium of adaptation and endurance / edited by Anson H. Laytner and Jordan Paper.
The Chinese-Hebrew Memorial Book of the Jewish community of K'aifeng
From Kaifeng...to Shanghai : Jews in China
The Jews of Kaifeng : the sect that plucks out the sinews
Juifs de Chine : à travers la correspondance inédite des jésuites du dix-huitième siècle
Mandarins, Jews, and missionaries : the Jewish experience in the Chinese Empire
Youtaijiao yu Zhongguo Kaifeng Youtairen 猶太教與中國開封猶太人
Youtairen zai Zhongguo 猶太人在中國. The Jews in China
Youtairen zai Zhongguo 猶太人在中國. The Jews in China
Zhongguo de Youtairen 中國的猶太人. [Juifs de Chine. Chinese]
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