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Subject List for Confucianism--Sacred books

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The Analects of Confucius revisited. [Lunyu quanjie 論語詮解. Lunyu 論語. English & Chinese]
Confucian analects : The Great Learning, and The Doctrine of the Mean
      Lunyu 論語. Daxue 大學. Zhongyong 中庸. English & Chinese. 1971

The Jesuit reading of Confucius : the first complete translation of the Lunyu (1687) published in the West. [Confucius Sinarum Philosophus. Lunyu 論語. Latin. English & Chinese]
The philosophy of Confucius. [Daxue 大學. Zhongyong 中庸. English]
Rongo shi kenkyū 論語之研究. [Lunyu 論語. Japanese. Selections. 1939]
Ruxue jinghua 儒學精華
Sishu zhangju jizhu 四書章句集注
Zengzi shibian 曾子十篇. [Zengzi 曾子]
Zengzi shipian 曾子十篇
Zhang Gelao zhengzi Sishu zhijie 張閣老正字四書直解. [Jap-Sin I, 14]
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