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Subject List for China--History--Tiananmen Square Incident, 1989

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Beijing xueyun : lishi de jianzheng 北京學運 : 歷史的見證
The Broken mirror : China after Tiananmen
Children of the dragon : the story of Tiananmen Square
China and the American dream : a moral inquiry
China now : reports & appraisal
Fengqi Tian'anmen : quanqiu Huaren tongbu shengyuan dalu minyun 風起天安門 : 全球華人同步聲援大陸民運
A heart for freedom : the remarkable journey of a young dissident, her daring escape, and her quest to free China's daughters
Hequ hecong : haiwai xuezhe de fansi 何去何從 : 海外學者的反思
Mandate of heaven : a new generation of entrepreneurs, dissidents, bohemians, and technocrats lays claim to China's future
The monkey and the dragon: a true story about friendship, music, politics and life on the edge
Renmin bu hui wangji : Bajiu minyun shilu 人民不會忘記 : 八九民運實錄
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