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Subject List for China--History--Republic, 1911-1949

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An American diplomat in China
American policy and the Chinese revolution, 1925-1928
The career of a warlord : Wu P'ei-fu, 1916-1927
China : the roots of madness : a documentary
La Chine dans le monde : la révolution chinoise de 1912 à 1935
L' enseignement Catholique en Chine sou la Republique de 1912 à 1949
The extreme East : a modern history
General Chiang Kai-shek : the account of the fortnight in Sian when the fate of China hung in the balance
Hu Shih and the Chinese renaissance : liberalism in the Chinese revolution, 1917-1937
Hyla Doc : surgeon in China, through war and revolution, 1924-1949
Luo Jialun xiansheng wencun. Bubian 羅家倫先生文存. 補編
Minguo chunian de funü yundong 民國初年的婦女運動 (1911-1913)
Minguo chunqiu 民國春秋 : Xiandai shiliao xuancui 現代史料選粹
Modern Chinese history : selected readings
Peasant revolts in China, 1840-1949. [Mouvement paysan chinois. English]
A report on Russian destruction of our industries in the North-Eastern provinces
Republican China : Nationalism, War and the Rise of Communism 1911-1949
Shufu chunqiu 樞府春秋
Stilwell and the American experience in China, 1911-45
Sun Yat-sen, sa vie et sa doctrine : etude historique, philosophique, juridique, politique, économique et sociale
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