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Subject List for Jesuits--Missions--China--16th-18th centuries

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Dell'amicizia. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. Italian & Chinese]
Distant souls : global religion and the Jesuit Missions of Germany, Mexico, and China, 1595-1705
Embassies to China : diplomacy and cultural encounters before the Opium Wars
Harmonious disagreement : Matteo Ricci and his closest Chinese friends
The harvest of the vine : the Jesuit missionary enterprise in China, 1579-1710
History recorded by the stones : the 400 year story of the cemetery of Matteo Ricci and other foreign missionaries
A Jesuit in the Forbidden City : Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610
The Jesuits (1594-1994), Macao and China : East meets West. [RC-Review of Culture special ed.]
Jidujiao yu Mingmo Ruxue 基督教與明末儒學
Journey to the East : the Jesuit mission to China, 1579-1724
K'ung-tzu or Confucius? : the Jesuit interpretation of Confucianism
Li Madou yu Zhongguo 利瑪竇與中國
Li Madou zhuan 利瑪竇傳
Libraries of Western learning for China : circulation of Western books between Europe and China in the Jesuit Mission (ca. 1650-ca. 1750)
The life and methods of Matteo Ricci, Jesuit missionary to China, 1582-1610
Mat'eo Rich'i : Tongyang kwa sŏyang ŭi chŏngchunghan mannam 마테오리치 : 동양과서양의정중한만남
Mat'eo Rich'i wa Chu Hŭi, kŭrigo Chŏng Yag-yong : Ch'ŏnju sirŭi wa Tong Asia yuhak ŭi chip'yŏng 마테오 리치 와 주 희, 그리고 정 약용 : 천주 실의 와 동 아시아 유학 의 지평
Matteo Ricci and the Catholic mission to China, 1583-1610 : a short history with documents
Matteo Ricci, S.J., in China, 1583-1610 : a case study of a precursor in educational anthropology
Mingmo-Qingchu Yesuhui sixiang wenxian huibian 明末清初耶穌會思想文獻匯編
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