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Subject List for Jesuits--China--16th-18th centuries--Contributions in art and architecture

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Ai Weiwei : circle of animals. [Circle of animals/Zodiac heads]
Art on the Jesuit missions in Asia and Latin America, 1542-1773
Bridging Europe and China : the professional life of Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766)
Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) : pittore di corte di Ch'ien-Lung, imperatore della Cina
Giuseppe Castiglione : gesuita e pittore nel celeste impero = Jesuit and painter in the Celestial Empire
Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors
Haiguo bolan : Qingdai gongting Xiyang chuanjiaoshi huashi huihua liupai gaishuo 海國波瀾 : 清代宮廷西洋傳敎士畫師繪畫流派槪說
      Exílio dourado : estudos gerais sobre a escola de pintura dos missionários ocidentais da corte da Dinastia Qing
      The golden exile : survey of the western missionaries' painting school of the Qing Dynasty court

Haiguo bolan : Qingdai gongting Xiyang chuanjiaoshi huashi huihua liupai jingpin 海國波瀾 : 清代宮廷西洋傳敎士畫師繪畫流派精品
      Exílio dourado : expressoẽs pictóricas da escola dos missionários ocidentais obras de arte da corte da dinastia Qing
      The golden exile : pictorial expressions of the school of western missionaries' artworks of the Qing dynasty court

Ignaz Sichelbarth 1708-1780 : Missionar, Maler und Mandarin am chinesischen Kaiserhof
Imperial illusions : crossing pictorial boundaries in the Qing palaces
A Jesuit garden in Beijing and early modern Chinese culture
Jidu zongjiao yishu zai Hua fazhanshi 基督宗教藝術在華發展史
Jidu zongjiao yishu zai Hua fazhanshi : Tang Yuan Ming Qing shiqi 基督宗教藝術在華發展史 : 唐元明清時期
Lang Shining hua huaniao ji 郎世寧畫花鳥集
Meaning through use : a framework for understanding architectural form in the Jesuit Garden of Yuanmingyuan
The Oxford Handbook of the Jesuits
Qianlong Xiyu zhantu midang huicui 乾隆西域戰圖秘檔薈萃
      Commissioned-painting documents of Western-regions in Qing Qianlong dynasty

Qing encounters : artistic exchanges between China and the West
The Qing patronage of Milanese art : a reconsideration on materiality and Western art history. [Portrayals from a Brush Divine. Selections]
Qingdai tongban zhangongtu quanbian 清代銅版戰功圖全編
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