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Subject List for Mongols--History

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Mengwu'er shiji 蒙兀兒史記
Mindai Man-Mō shi kenkyū : Mindai Man-Mō shiryō kenkyū hen 明代滿蒙史研究 : 明代滿蒙史料硏究篇
The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck : his journey to the court of the Great Khan Möngke, 1253-1255. [Itinerarium. English]
The Mongol mission: narratives and letters of the Franciscan missionaries in Mongolia and China in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
The Mongols and Ming China : customs and history
Opuscula Altaica : essays presented in honor of Henry Schwarz
The partition of the steppe : the struggle of the Russians, Manchus, and the Zunghar Mongols for empire in Central Asia, 1619-1758 : a study in power politics
Qingdai Menggu shehui zhidu 清代蒙古社會制度
      Shindai ni okeru Mōko no shakai seido 清代に於ける蒙古の社会制度. Chinese

The secret history of the Mongols : the life and times of Chinggis Khan. [Yuanchao mishi [bishi] 元朝秘史. English]
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Marco Polo
Wuhuan yu Xianbei 烏桓與鮮卑
Xianbeishi 鮮卑史
Xinyi jianzhu Menggu mishi 新譯簡注蒙古秘史. [Menggu bishi 蒙古秘史. Yuanchao mishi 元朝秘史]
Xiyu Nanhai shidi kaozheng lunzhu huiji 西域南海史地考證論著彙輯
Xiyu Nanhai shi-di kaozheng yicong 西域南海史地考證譯叢
Yuanchao bishi 元朝秘史. [Yuanchao bishi 元朝秘史. Selections]
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