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Subject List for Inculturation--China--History

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Ancestors, virgins, and friars : the localization of Christianity in Late Imperial Mindong (Fujian, China), 1632-1863
Bendihua : tan fuyin yu wenhua 本地化 : 談福音與文化. [Inculturatie. Chinese]
Chinese converts in the Chinese Rites Controversy : ancestral rites and their identity
Christian heretics in late imperial China : Christian inculturation and state control, 1720-1850
Christianity and imperial culture : Chinese Christian apologetics in the seventeenth century and their Latin patristic equivalent
Cultural accommodation or intellectual colonization? : a reinterpretation of the Jesuit approach to Confucianism during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries
Daoismus und Figurismus zur Inkulturation des Christentums in China
Diego de Pantoja y China : un estudio sobre la 'Politica de Adaptación' de la Compañia de Jesús. [Pang Diwo yu Zhongguo 龐迪我與中國]
Ecclesiastical colony : China's Catholic Church and the French religious protectorate
Filial piety and Christian piety : Wang Zheng and his attempt to inculturate Christianity in late Ming China
Gang Hengyi yu Zhongguo Tianzhujiao de bendihua 剛恆毅與中國天主教的本地化 = Celso Costantini and the indigenization of Catholic Church in China
Jidujiao yu diguo wenhua : guanyu Xila Luoma hujiaolun yu Zhongguo hujiaolun de bijiao yanjiu 基督教與帝國文化 : 關於希臘羅馬護教論與中國護教論的比較研究. [Christianity and imperial culture]
Jidujiao zai Zhongguo bensehua : lunwenji 基督教在中國本色化 : 論文集
Lifanyuan and the management of population diversity in early Qing (1636-1795)
Liyi yu ronghui : Zhongguo Jidutu yu bense jiaohui de xingqi 離異與融會 : 中國基督徒與本色教會的興起
Macao, Manila, Mexico, and Madrid : Jesuit controversies over strategies for the Christianization of China (1580-1600)
Il mappamondo con la Cina al centro : fonti antiche e mediazione culturale nell’opera di Matteo Ricci S.J.
Matteo Ricci, S.J., in China, 1583-1610 : a case study of a precursor in educational anthropology
Meaning and controversy within Chinese ancestor religion
Mon Van Genechten (1903-1974) : Flemish missionary and Chinese painter : inculturation of Chinese Christian art
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