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Subject List for Christianity and other religions--Daoism

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Christ the eternal Tao. [Daodejing 道德經. English]
Daoismus und Figurismus zur Inkulturation des Christentums in China
Daojiao yu Jidu zongjiao lingxiu : cong Jidutu lichang tantao Jin Yuan Quanzhen Daojiao de xingming shuang xiucheng quanguan 道教與基督宗教靈修 : 從基督徒立場探討金元全真道教的性命雙修成全觀
Dreams, visions and a Taoist-Christian Saint in the ceventeenth-century Jesuit records of the China Mission. [AHSI vol. lxxxviii, fasc. 175 (2019-I)]
Duihua : Ru Shi Dao yu Jidujiao 對話 : 儒釋道與基督教
Duihua’er : Ru Shi Dao yu Jidujiao 對話二 : 儒釋道與基督教
The Jesus sutras : rediscovering the lost scrolls of Taoist Christianity
ln the light and shadow of the Dao : two Figurists, two intellectual webs
Lun Daoshu 論道書 . [ZKW 95667B]
Purity of heart and contemplation : a monastic dialogue between Christian and Asian traditions
The religions of China : Confucianism and Tâoism described and compared with Christianity
The Tao-teh-king : sayings of Lao-tzu. [Daodejing 道德經. English]
A taste of water : Christianity through Taoist-Buddhist eyes
Zhengshi lüeshuo 拯世略說
Zhengshi lüeshuo 拯世略說. [Jap-Sin I, 145-145a. JapSin I,166a]
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