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Subject List for Manchus--History

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China marches west : the Qing conquest of Central Eurasia
De bello Tartarico historia
The great enterprise : the Manchu reconstruction of imperial order in seventeenth-century China
Histoire universelle de la Chine : avec l'Histoire de la guerre des Tartares ...
      De bello Tartarico. French

K'ang Hsi, emperor of China
Manzu jianshi 滿族簡史
Manzushi luncong 滿族史論叢
Mindai Man-Mō shi kenkyū : Mindai Man-Mō shiryō kenkyū hen 明代滿蒙史研究 : 明代滿蒙史料硏究篇
Mingdai Dongbei 明代東北
On the tracks of Manchu culture, 1644-1994 : 350 years after the conquest of Peking
Qingchao kaiguoshi yanjiu 清朝開國史研究
Qingchao xingqishi 清朝興起史
A translucent mirror : history and identity in Qing imperial ideology
Zhongguo Manzu tonglun 中國滿族通論
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