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Subject List for Jesuits--Missions--China--History--16th century

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Aux portes de la Chine : les missionnaires du seizième siècle, 1514-1588
The concept of friendship and the culture of hospitality : the encounter between the Jesuits and late Ming China. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. English & Chinese]
Jesuit letters from China, 1583-84. [Avvisi della Cina dell'ottantatre et dell'ottantaquattro. English]
The Jesuit missions to China and Peru, 1570-1610 : expectations and appraisals of expansionism
Li Madou Zhongguo zhaji 利瑪竇中國札記
Li Madou zhuan: Xitaizi lai Hua ji 利瑪竇傳 : 西泰子來華記. [Wise man from the West. Chinese]
Macao, Manila, Mexico, and Madrid : Jesuit controversies over strategies for the Christianization of China (1580-1600)
Michele Ruggieri, S.J. (1543-1607) and his Chinese poems. [Lu Tianzhu shishi 錄天主事實]
Strange names of God : the missionary translation of the Divine name and the Chinese responses to Matteo Ricci's Shangti in late Ming China, 1583-1644
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