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Subject List for Art, Chinese--Ming-Qing dynasties, 1368-1911--Western influences

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La fabbrica delle illusioni: un testo Cinese sulla prospettiva: lo shixue o studio della percezione
La fábrica de las ilusiones : los jesuitas y la difusión de la perspectiva lineal en China (1698-1766). [Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum. Selections. Spanish & Chinese]
Haiguo bolan : Qingdai gongting Xiyang chuanjiaoshi huashi huihua liupai gaishuo 海國波瀾 : 清代宮廷西洋傳敎士畫師繪畫流派槪說
      Exílio dourado : estudos gerais sobre a escola de pintura dos missionários ocidentais da corte da Dinastia Qing
      The golden exile : survey of the western missionaries' painting school of the Qing Dynasty court

Haiguo bolan : Qingdai gongting Xiyang chuanjiaoshi huashi huihua liupai jingpin 海國波瀾 : 清代宮廷西洋傳敎士畫師繪畫流派精品
      Exílio dourado : expressoẽs pictóricas da escola dos missionários ocidentais obras de arte da corte da dinastia Qing
      The golden exile : pictorial expressions of the school of western missionaries' artworks of the Qing dynasty court

Macao Scientific and Cultural Centre: museum guide
Ming-Qing shiqi Jidujiao zhuti ciqi zai kaocha 明清時期基督教主題瓷器在考察 = Restudy on Christian images in Chinese porcelain during 16-19[th] centuries
Pedagogy, display, and sympathy at the French Jesuit orphanage workshops of Tushanwan in early-twentieth century Shanghai
The Qianlong emperor's perspective : illusionistic painting in eighteenth-century China
Qing encounters : artistic exchanges between China and the West
Shixue 視學. [Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum. Selections. Chinese]
Termini cinesi utilizzati come sinonimo di prospettiva ed echi del naturalismo in alcuni testi sulla pittura del diciottesimo secolo
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