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Subject List for Mandarin dialects (Guanhua 官話)--China--17th century--Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.

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Chinese collaborators and the making of the Xi Ru Er Mu Zi (1626)
Comparison and comprehension : Nicolas Trigault (1577-1628) SJ. and the story of the Xi Ru Er Mu Zi (1626) in late Ming empire
Francisco Varo's glossary of the Mandarin language. [Vocabulario de la Lengua Mandarina]
Francisco Varo's grammar of the Mandarin language, 1703 : an English translation of Arte de la lengua Mandarina. [Arte de la lengua Mandarina. English]. Confessionarium
Missionary linguistics in East Asia : the origins of religious language in the shaping of Christianity?
Xiru ermu zi 西儒耳目資
Xizi qiji 西字奇跡 [西字奇蹟]. [BAV R.G. Orien. III 231 (12)]
Xizi qiji 西字奇跡 [西字奇蹟]. [Sheyuan mocui 涉園墨萃. Li Madou ti baoxiang tu fuzeng 利瑪竇題寶像圖附贈]
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